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Ways to Work with CBI

The Center for Broader Impacts (CBI) is committed to high-quality, and equity-focused broader impacts efforts that meaningfully engage a wide range of audiences and stakeholders. Faculty and researchers applying for grants are encouraged to connect with CBI.

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Discussing Broader Impacts at the Proposal Development Stage

Several federal agencies, including the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Institute of Educational Sciences (IES), include specific language about broader impacts requirements for many funding programs, including NSF CAREER. Applicants are encouraged to schedule a consultation with CBI as early as possible to discuss initial ideas, learn about existing projects with community partners and other campus units engaged in broader impacts work, and develop an outline of a broader impacts plan as proposals are initially envisioned and drafted. 

Early-Stage Idea Development and Partnership-Building for Broader Impacts

Faculty and researchers may wish to engage CBI as a thinking partner during the early stages of conceptualizing a new idea for a broader impact opportunity, potentially with a new community organization or network. Depending on the topic and partners involved, CBI can help move ideas forward by sharing expertise, facilitating introductions and connections, or conducting a collaborative co-development session for a new team working together on a broader impact effort.

Plugging into CBI Signature Programs for Specific Broader Impacts Implementation

Currently, the Center has two signature programs that provide clear and structured options for faculty and researchers to engage in high-quality, purposeful, and equity-focused broader impacts work: the STEM Teacher Residency program, run in partnership with the Center for STEM Education, and the GE Girls @ ND program, run in partnership with the College of Engineering. For each of these signature programs, faculty and researchers will be provided with a template for engagement, outlining the estimated time and budget commitments typically associated with leveraging these models for a particular proposal or research award. 

Requesting Assistance with Broader Impacts Program Evaluation

It is now a common expectation amongst funding agencies that grant-associated broader impacts projects will include a formal program evaluation or assessment. CBI can help applicants connect to a network of program evaluators with focused expertise in this area and facilitate conversations about specific needs. Going forward, the Center expects to develop a set of common evaluation measures for broader impacts projects.